Children’s Room & Nursery

Ahhh… one of my favorite ways to spend a day. There is no limit to what I can paint, anything you imagine. If you have a concept or a photo from a magazine or book, I am also able to recreate what you want.

I am able to match any character in my children’s room murals, as you can see in the following photos, the Disney characters, Thomas the Train, SpongeBob, Dr. Suess are a small example.

If you as a client have no real concrete idea of what you would like for your child’s room, I can also create from “scratch”. When I meet you and your child and see the style of your home I am able to create a concept for the child’s mural. It can be understated, if desired or it can be outrageously fun and bold…always tailored to your taste.

Make a lasting memory for your child by giving them that specially designed room, beautiful and fun….for nursery to teens, I am able to help make this possible.