Hand Painting & Stencling

Handpainting can encompass many surfaces and be applied in a wide range of areas such as your basic wall border to a freeform design, gracefully climbing up a wall. Handpainting can also be applied to furniture or architecture, such as beams. Most handpainting falls into categories of vines, scrolls or architectural detail. I am able to match any fabric or wallpaper detail perfectly, if needed. All colors are custom mixed on the job site to match the client’s design needs.


Stenciling is an ancient decorative art.  It is useful when symmetry is needed, such as several center motifs over arches or anything that is repeated several times.  Most of my stencil work also involves hand-painting as a final detail.  I design and cut all of my own stencils and there are never two alike, each design is specifically cut for the client and their home, and is left with the client for any future use or to take with them to the next home.