Fireplace & Faux Finishes

A faux finish is a painted finish designed to fool the eye, such as faux marble, stone, or a painted woodgraining. It can also be a painted finish for the wall that gives the look of an aged European wall, suede or leather, a metallic patina or a glossy metallic finish…There are so many ways to use this decorative paint tool. The ideas and styles are limitless.

A faux finish is the perfect way to add ambience and color on your walls. The faux finish can be either soft and subtle or bold and dramatic. My own personal style of faux finishing is not a “spotty”, busy look but one that is more cohesive, treating each wall as a large canvas, most certainly adding depth and interest, no matter how subtle.

A faux stone or marble finish is the perfect answer to the standard builder issue precast fireplace, which we see in so many newer homes today. It can transform the plain white fireplace into a realistic and warm addition to the room. I am able to match any existing stone in the home, such as floors or countertops or create from scratch. This is one of the most dramatic faux paint treatments that I implement. It is always a “WOW” addition to the room.

Another method of faux finishing is that applied to cabinetry. I can antique or distress the cabinet or change a plain painted white cabinet into one that looks like a particular wood of choice, an amazing transformation.

All faux finished surfaces, whether that be on a wall, cabinet, fireplace or pillar are durable and cleanable. These finishes are also repairable if need be. Faux finishing means “transformation”…artistic and designed to fit the clients specific colors, style and design needs.